Our Goal

Grass Lake Summer Youth League's goal is to teach the fundamentals of the game and the true meaning of TEAM. Along the way they will develop and fine tune their skills. Starting from Tee ball to 14U. Join today!

League Age Requirements

Tee Ball 4-6 years old

6U Modified Coach Pitch 5-6 years old

Coach Pitch 8U  and 8U Softball 7-8 years old

10U Baseball and Softball 9-10 years old

12U Baseball and Softball 11-12 years old

14U Baseball and Softball 13-14 years old

Tee Ball and 6U is co-ed and the child must meet the age requirement by January 1st of the current year.

Girls must meet age requirements by January 1st of the current playing year.

Boys must meet age requirements by April 30th of the current playing year.

For Tee Ball and 6U Baseball all children must meet the age requirements by January 1st of the current playing year


Tee Ball TBD

6U Modified Coach Pitch TBD

8U Baseball TBD

8U Softball Mondays and Wednesdays

10U Baseball Tuesdays and Thursdays

10U Softball Tuesdays and Thursdays

12U Baseball Mondays and Wednesdays

12U Softball Mondays and Wednesdays

14U Baseball Tuesdays and Thursdays

14U Softball Tuesdays and Thursdays


8U, 10U and 12U start the week of May 1st

14U will start after the Middle School track is over (working on the date now)

*subject to change based on CAYL schedule


Registration Fees

Tee Ball- 4 to 6 yrs old: $45.00
6U Modified Coach Pitch Baseball: $60.00
8U Softball: $60.00
8U Coach Pitch Baseball: $75.00
10U Softball: $80.00
10U Baseball: $100.00
12U Softball: $85.00
12U Baseball: $110.00
14U Softball: $100.00
14U Baseball: $115.00
***Competitive teams are at an additional charge upon making a competitive team.